Mind the gap!

Companies and brands sometimes create a gap between the way they intend a message to be received by their customers, and the way it is, actually, received. And if they are slow to pick this up, they can sometimes find themselves left behind.

Shanaaz Nel, CEO of PEAR, talks in our podcast today about a case study where a company’s message went wrong.

About PEAR: Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) is a 100% black female owned level 1 B-BBEE media monitoring, research, and analysis company. The company focuses on providing clients with media intelligence, focused on developing strategy and outputs, and has been in the market since 2009. PEAR works with a wide variety of organisations, which include South African and multi-national corporates and Public Relations firms, The partnership between PEAR and SAFREA offers SAFREANs direct access to various media-intelligence tools, workshops, data, and also facilitates relationship between SAFREANs and PEAR’s wide media and communications client base. PEAR is working with SAFREA to continuously develop the content creation, media, and free-lance environments.  

PS – And while the subject matter for today is Mind the Gap, we apologise for gaps in the sound recording attached. These were the result of technical issues that only manifested when the recording was complete!


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