Rabbit Care 101

Why rabbits make great pets: Rabbits make lovely pets – they are as interactive as a puppy yet a lot less demanding. Therefore, if you have a small home, or don’t want to walk a pet but have the time to play with it, a rabbit would be a pet you may like to consider, […]

Are you raising a brat?

angry face graffiti

You think your child is an angel; the rest of the world is not so sure. How do we teach our children that the world will like them more if they are prepared to meet it with good manners?

Where Words Take Us – Cardigan

Charge of the Light Brigade - Painting

Who would have thought that the humble cardigan had such a rough-and-tough start in this world before it became a highly fashionable item in every woman’s wardrobe?


AS THE the coronavirus continues its relentless sweep around the globe, countries have been forced into lockdowns, in desperate efforts to curb transmission. The move, while saving lives, has had a devastating impact on economies, with millions of jobs getting lost. Stas SA’s recent survey revealed the grim rise in the unemployment rate to 30,1%, […]

Book Review: And the Mountains Echoed

Author: Khaled Hosseini I bought this book for my book club and decided to dive into it while I was self-isolating due to Covid. It starts out as a story about Abdullah and his little sister, Pari. However, the story soon expands to tell us more about their uncle Nabi and his life working as […]