Charlotte Nyatanga-Chipangura
Charlotte Nyatanga - Chipangura

Who needs enemies? The sordid story of Nomia Ndlovu

One of the biggest talking points this past week was the story of alleged serial killer, Rosemary Ndlovu. She is accused of orchestrating the murders of her close relatives and boyfriend for insurance claims. How safe are we from our “loved ones”?

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Tiffany Markman

“Dear Sirs”? In 2021? Nope. Here are the alternatives.

A client of mine got very cross today. Not with me, thank goodness… But because her firm traditionally addresses its own clients as “Dear Sirs”.

Even when they are female or when they have not specified a preferred gender.

In 2021, this won’t do.

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Sam Basch's Best Travel Tips

Taking me for a (taxi) ride

As the taxi driver speeds away from my hotel to the airport, I soon realise he is heading the wrong way. But it’s not simply a question of turning around: he has to “trick” the taxi to save his skin…

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