Take a long view

Britain has the allure of timelessness and tradition, and a language that is spoken widely. The age-old traditions the Brits so jealously guard have their roots elsewhere. Even their English language was a Germanic import, brought there by Angles, Saxons and Jutes.

As the Danes invaded in the 9th century, and even settled in places, the Wessex king Alfred kept them at bay. He is credited with saving the English language. But William the Conqueror’s invasion from Normandy in 1066 almost killed English. Fortunately three centuries of French at court introduced a lexicon that massively enriched modern English.

Changing medical aid options

As medical costs continue to rise, the last thing you want is to find out that you are on the wrong medical scheme plan.

Kennel Cough

If your dog has a hacking cough or constantly making noises that sound like it may be choking, it may have a bout of kennel cough.

Those Neglected Books

Safrea Chronicle

No income, no new books. I had to turn to my own bookcase and tackle those books I always wanted to read, but never did. I bought Susan Sontag’s The Volcano Lover at a flea market many moons ago, wanting to impress a certain scholarly guy. The man moved on. The book stayed put – […]