Raising techno-junkies

Addiction to technology is creeping its way to children, with very adverse outcomes in some instances. We are raising sluggish anti-social techno junkies. Children are no longer just children who should be bursting with energy. Instead, they spend hours on end munching snacks while playing on their gadgets. And who should be whipping them into line when the guardians are also slaves to their own gadgets? Children are only following in adults’ footsteps.

Society’s Rotting Core – By Vaughan Jones.

Ian Macharia on Unsplash

Societal values change ever more rapidly as stress and pressures increase, and lifestyle changes accordingly only because we seemingly choose to take part in it and to live it. Many philosophers, like Plato, believe that the state of our life in this world is as it is because of humankind’s collective intent for it to be so. This may seem strange, but it may well be true.