My Octopus Teacher

If the idea of a love story between a man and an octopus does not appeal, think again.

Where Words Take Us – October

Blooming Jacarandas lining a street in the late afternoon.

October is still spring, if ever it is longer than ten minutes. It’s the month of the Jacarandas in Pretoria and the arum lilies in the Western Cape. It’s the month that inspires the arts. Dis die mooiste mooiste maand.
With thanks to Sam J Basch for the image of the Jacarandas

Pet insurance 101

Thanks to developments in veterinary care and quality nutritional products, pets are now enjoying a longer lifespan. Pets are also now, more than ever, a part of our family unit and when illness or tragedy strikes, veterinary bills do not always fall within our ever-tightening budgets.

Time travel

Hidden away in the Cathkin Valley near Champagne Castle in the central Drakensberg is a country store – more correctly the ‘Negosie Museum’. It is designed to take one through a nostalgic time warp into your childhood years of the 1960s, with household goods and foodstuffs of that period, still in original packaging.