Enticing gold glitters on

Safrea Chronicle

Investing in gold coins But gold investment coins continue to shine after a shaky start. Gold’s bull run may flounder on the sharp point of a Covid-19 vaccine needle, economists speculated this week. That would add another twist to the history of the precious metal, history in which South Africa’s legacy as the dominant player […]

Triggers – Good or Bad?

Triggers Good or Bad

This is a “Poor man’s orchid”. Were you triggered by “poor” and feeling sorry for them? Or were you triggered thinking “I’m insulted that he thinks that I am poor”? Triggers are everywhere. Are they good or bad?

“South African women, you’re on your own!”

The ANC in Mpumalanga pulled a shocker earlier in the week when they reinstated a member accused of the rape of his two daughters to a top provincial position. They have since reversed the decision – but only due to a public outcry. Now is not the time to start pulling the “innocent until proven guilty” card. The man is facing serious charges. Charges he’s faced before. What a slap in the face as we sit here observing 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, listening to speeches that mean nothing at all when our leaders don’t walk the talk.

The ‘smallanyama’ gravy train

Democratic South Africa was, for a while, the Rainbow Nation. It is now the Mis-Appropriation Nation, as the government has become a criminal enterprise bent on extracting the last cent of loot from an over-burdened population. The tide might be turning, but it will take a long time.

The Execution

In the National Gallery in London, a large painting by renowned artist Édouard Manet showing ‘The Execution of Emperor Maximillian of Mexico’, is evidently cut – in four pieces to be exact.
In his lifetime, it could not be displayed in France. He intended the artwork as a political statement against the French emperor, Napoleon III. In time, what remained of the painting, was cut into four canvasses, with other bits still missing.