Off the Record – My Amazing MTN Story – Preamble

MTN Corruption

Written by Niki Moore…
In which our intrepid heroine introduces you to her story, and begs your indulgence to unfold a long tale, which – if everything works out – will cause the stars to start in their tracks, and your knotted and combined locks to stand on end like the fretful porpoise, as Shakespeare so eloquently put it.

“Miserable Hovels”

By Sam J Basch: An early traveller from England described the town of Graaff-Reinet as consisting of “a few mud huts and miserable hovels.” Today visitors from around the world, many opting for the award-winning historic Drostdy Hotel, come to admire its architecture and art galleries, museums and food. And to visit the nearby Camdeboo National Park, a great feature of which is the Valley of Desolation with imposing age-old rock formations dating back 150 million years towering above the expansive valley floor.