The Case of the Diesel Wine*

The ban on alcohol has forced many South Africans to buy their poison on the black market. This, at times, can be a perilous undertaking.

The Non-Uniform Poet

I feel that any poem, like any other artistic work, is unique to its creator, artist, or composer. Thus, his/her form or style of poetry is also unique, otherwise, he/she would just be striving to follow suit with the masters, the likes of Wordsworth, William Blake, or any other. I also believe that, at times, […]

Where Words Take Us – Creation

Google Images of paintings to Illustrate the artform most prevalent in people's minds.

Where does the word creation lead us if we look wider than the traditional concept of art and painting? We enter the worlds of Mary Anderson, Melitta Bentz and Elizabeth Magie. Have you ever heard of them? You will score bonus points if you know what they had in common.

In Praise of Insects

The decline in insect populations throughout the world is a catastrophe we humans ignore at our peril. Far from being pests, insects carry the health of the planet on their tiny shoulders.