The Non-Uniform Poet

I feel that any poem, like any other artistic work, is unique to its creator, artist, or composer. Thus, his/her form or style of poetry is also unique, otherwise, he/she would just be striving to follow suit with the masters, the likes of Wordsworth, William Blake, or any other. I also believe that, at times, a poem may start off in a non-uniform style and then end up seeming to conform to a recognized style or form, of which there are hundreds, if not thousands. But by and large, each person has his own unique style or set of styles.

Many people could express their writing creatively in poetry and in lyrics.

Here is a little poem I wrote in response to a challenge from a group of authors.

The Non-Uniform Poet
To compose as the masters did
is not my style, I will not kid.
Wordsworth is great, but I'm not he,
take it or leave it, I'm just me.
My style, in truth, is just my form,
structure denied - but furry warm.
I write truly, straight from my soul,
no syllables nor form my goal.
As a matter of interest, this poem turned out to be in couplet form, stanzaic, and octosyllabic, but this was purely by chance. It just seemed to be the natural style at that moment, and it arose not by design nor by preplanning as such. So, from this realization onward, I have not been bound by such limiting factors except where contests and challenges have so prescribed. Some of my poems are also the lyrics to songs that I have written. 

Come on, everybody, give it a go. I look forward to your responses. Send your attempts at poetry and lyrics to me on my email address

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