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We are all going to need a little music in our lives over this apocalyptic era we find ourselves in. I met Martin Nel from Coastal Radio SA at a music gig in Durban. We realized quickly that we are both in media and have a passion for Durban and local brands. Therefore we can collaborate together on various events. He asked me to be on his show and I said no because I was scared of going live and said I am better with writing than speaking. The tables were turned when I interviewed him for this blog.

How did Coastal Radio SA start?

Martin Nel is the Station Manager for Coastal Radio SA. Starting as a musician back in 1978. He was given drumsticks as a gift and started bashing away until he got in front of a drum kit. Martin was always involved in music during school and always loved public speaking. A definite extrovert. He has been in and out of Radio since 1998. He has done a bit of Radio and Television but prefers Radio

In the 80’s they did a lot of gigs as bands, then electronics made it easier for artists to get backing tracks and the front men could get solo gigs so there wasn’t as much need for musicians so he had to move into something else and ended up doing Radio.

Martin said that Radio doesn’t always pay and he had a career in sales, networking and communication. Ended up with the South African Stainless Steel Development Association and then served time with the united nations, the industrial development organization and retired from that 11 years ago. He took a sabbatical and in taking the sabbatical all this started to happen.

Friends encouraged him 6 years ago to start an online radio station. He started in Capetown and has

clocked 12000 and 2000 hours on the second show. He has 7 studios in Cape Town, Jo-burg and KZN.

Coastal Radio SA

What services does Coastal Radio SA offer?

Expand your brand

Coastal Radio SA has a big platform to expand your brand through radio. Coastal Radio SA Reach 1.4 million over 28 days and Represent different companies as a brand ambassador or offer to advertise.


Their unique online network is totally different to any radio station out there. Other radio stations will say they have 3-4 million listeners. Coastal Radio has 150 thousand listeners, reach over 1 million people a month. Demographic is 33-67. Middle to high-income households.

Supporting Local Artists

Coastal Radio SA loves supporting local artists, so if you have an audio biography of artists and music tracks in mp3 format, you can send it to them. You must ensure that all tracks submitted are studio quality. They have had musicians and bands such as Serrotone, Kyle Deutch from Idol’s fame and Dave Starke on their show.

Presenters training course

If you are interested in a Career in Radio, there is a Presenters training course that takes place in Studio, hands-on, theory and practical in a live studio environment. How to set up and present the show. It takes place on a Wednesday for 3 hours. R5000 Phase 2 will be a Second month, which will be a full-on Practical. Contact: MC Heyns 0829355014 if you are interested

Coastal Radio SA also do pop up radio broadcasts at your place of business. They recently Did an Epic Event for Darling Brew in Cape Town. Coastal Radio SA have partnered together with Unfold Durban. I’m sure more exciting things are to come.  Martin always ends his shows with the following quote and it is one of my favourites!

“Be good or be good at it”

Martin Nel

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