Come over to the Dark Side….

Eskom, SAA, Denel, all the provincial development agencies, the Development Bank, the Post Office, SABC, SANRAL…. there are 700 state-owned enterprises in South Africa, of which almost all – if not all – are badly managed: leaking money, looted to the hilt, and fairly dysfunctional. The only government department that appears to be in any kind of health is the one, unfortunately, that has been set up to extract money from an unwilling public.. SARS.

But none of these parasitical government entities are as widely criticised or grumbled-about as Eskom, most likely because – while we can make do with no flight, or a late parcel, or terrible programmes on television, or because most of the theft is happening behind closed doors – Eskom is the heartbeat of the country.

So no wonder that most jokes, cartoons, funny adverts, or memes have to do with our lack of light. So here, in homage to Eskom, we bring you some of the best humour regarding what we fondly refer to as our ‘troubled utility’. But read them quickly, before the lights go out.

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