Contradictions of India

A camel winks at the Mercedes Benz corporate office park as it waddles past…  and these are the contradictions of India …

Contradictions: opulence amid poverty

So rich but so poor

So informative yet so lacking in detail

So safe yet so dangerous

So peaceful yet so noisy

So opulent yet so abject

Contradictions are every where

So clean but so filthy

So sophisticated yet so primitive

Business blends rural

So friendly yet so unhelpful

So personal yet so anonymous

So networked yet so solitary

So colourful yet so black and white

So academic, yet so illiterate

So proud, yet shameless

So honest yet so cunning

So kind but so cruel

So healthy yet so ill

So specific yet random

Ornate yet rustic

So thorough yet oblivious

So organised amid chaos

So pious and embracing, religion is the nation’s salve

So servile yet so independent

So industrious, yet indolent

So free but so costly

So trusting but so suspicious

Ancient yet contemporary

Advanced yet backward

Ingratiating but distant

Hospitable but nothing, absolutely nothing is free

100 rupees can buy you almost any favour

And this is India

Knowing but clueless

Stubborn but flexible

Loving but loveless

Vegetarian and carnivorous

Happy yet discontent

Lascivious yet abstemious

Rigid yet opportunistic

Open yet secretive

And this is India

Global but local is preferred

Individual but also ran

Spicy but not always tasteful

The land is an opiate that extinguishes all reason, all rationality

So erudite yet illiterate

So bright yet unnecessarily dark

Stairways to many heavens

And this is India

Animals revered yet unnaturalised

The painted face of an elephant is at once intriguing and disturbing

And this is India


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