Exposing possible secret bank accounts in Looted Gold history book

Looted Gold, a history book with a provocative difference, is being launched in South Africa and New Zealand this week.

Were the missing Kruger millions that were plundered in the late 1800s held in secret bank accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe?

The book Looted Gold exposes grand theft of Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) state wealth that makes the missing Kruger millions insignificant when compared with the grand scale of theft that occurred for years before Kruger left Pretoria in 1900.

Suggestions of possible secret Swiss bank accounts are among five provocative points raised in the Looted Gold history book.

And strangely for a book based on history, authors Mike Dwight and I have included a call to action by way of encouraging further investigation that may indicate a link between the missing Kruger millions and present-day political and banking sectors.

Important firsts

Beyond that, we believe we can claim to five important firsts that set Looted Gold apart from other works in this genre. These are:

  • publishing for the first time the eye-witness account of Kiwi soldier Thomas Brown. He saw a search for plundered gold buried on the farm of Kruger’s son-in-law, Frikkie Eloff
  • exposing Paul Kruger’s oligarchic network of extended family and collaborators in a single work
  • exposing the extensive involvement of the Swiss in the ZAR’s gold-based economy
  • highlighting possible links between the Kruger millions and the apartheid regime
  • motivating readers to further investigate the international banking sector to identify links between secret bank accounts and the missing Kruger millions. We also raise questions about the sudden emergence of over 900 gold Kruger ponds and half-ponds in February this year from a Swiss bank.

No buried gold

We believe no gold was buried by Kruger or his henchmen as they retreated down the railway line towards Portuguese East Africa (now Mozambique).

Our research indicates that the vast wealth stealthily taken out of the ZAR before Kruger went into exile was safely secured in European and possibly other bank accounts.

The obvious question is who had access to that wealth? And taking that question a step or two further, who has access to that nest egg today?

Looted Gold tracks golden points from Kruger’s early days, his presidency, exile and death. We follow the rise of Afrikaner nationalism and the coming to power of the apartheid-led government.

But we are careful to state that while our pointers provide new perspectives and new leads, they cannot be seen as conclusive.

Secret bank accounts

That’s because access has to be gained to secret bank accounts. We believe this is possible with developments like the release of the Panama Papers and access to bank records gained by people like researcher and author, Professor Mark Peith in Switzerland and the Open Secrets organisation in South Africa.

So we challenge and encourage others to use these new perspectives. We concede we’ve hardly scratched the surface. And we hope that we’ve managed to open minds to new avenues of investigation.

View this interview of Blake Wilkins for more insights into the content of this unusual book:


For another article on Looted Gold by Blake Wilkins see: https://safreachronicle.co.za/sinister-underbelly-of-missing-kruger-millions-myth-exposed-on-new-website/

Link to virtual version of book launch

If you’d like to link to the live launch of Looted Gold at 3pm on 11 December (Saturday), click on:


In these uncertain times, the live launch upstairs at Origins coffee in De Waterkant, Cape Town, will follow the protocols likely to be enforced by the Command Council in due course. The unvaccinated are being asked to view the virtual launch so as to reduce the chance of transmission at the live event. Everyone attending the live event will have to wear their masks and sanitise. Seating will be arranged to adhere to distancing requirements.

In New Zealand, far stricter protocols are being enforced. The launch in Rotorua will be attended by a limited number of people and book signings will take place with social distancing carefully followed.

Visit the Looted Gold website at: www.lootedgold.com

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