Dissertation and Discombobulation

 I recently found this poem that I wrote about seven years ago while pondering on the realities of life that faced me as I entered my sixties, and I was creating a new form of poetry. Note the first word and last word of the poem and the use of the words throughout. It may seem like a downer, it's not really, I was having fun with words.
 Dissertation and Discombobulation 
 - By Vaughan Jones

 Disillusioned by the current state of affairs,
 Dis-empowered as old age approaches,
 Disenfranchised because of my age,
 Dismembered from the professional set,
 Discriminated, allowing for the younger folk,
 All leads to a state of strange disparity.
 Disengaged I am from my professional set,
 Discontent appears to be at hand,
 Distraught explains how I now feel,
 Discovering the reality of life’s course,
 Disunion separates me from life,
 So I'm confused and disillusioned.

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