From the Archives of the Writing of the Book ‘ONE Life – Love – Energy’

Reminiscing on the memories of the starting point of my writing career, having been an accountant for thirty-six years, I stumbled on the source documents of my first book, ‘ONE Life – Love-Energy’, which was first published by Amazon Kindle in 2008.

At the age of fifty-five I suffered from general heart failure, my life changed completely, and I became more dependent and poorer than I ever expected. During lengthy periods of treatment and of not working any more I became more aware of the suffering in the world and the lack of support for the poor, the ill, the street people, the underprivileged, and in general.

I grew alarmingly in compassion and empathy for people and all life in the Universe. Having always had a love for people I began researching the philosophy of all life in the Universe being one life. I developed the sub-philosophy of all life being one life, from one creation, one energy, as created by one God. From this sprang the idea of writing a book titled ‘ONE Life-Love-Energy’, which was first electronically published in 2008, then a second edition in 2013.

I also founded the ONE Life – Love-Energy Foundation once I had written the book.

During lengthy research I delved deeply into the quantum physics proven theory regarding reality and matter, in that everything is pure energy, including our bodies and all life. I also studied Isac Newton’s theory of relativity. The theory that I developed is that energy comprises atoms, therefor the most basic form of energy is the atom.

One day I asked a Cape Town University physics professor whether he thought that an atom is energy. His response startled me in that he maintained that an atom is only potential energy and not energy itself. I mentioned that for an electron to orbit a neutron at a constant distance from the neutron in one atom surely makes up – or takes energy. The prof shrugged and said that he supposed so. Wow, this was not convincing.

During my journey through the archives I also came across a recording of a radio interview hosted by Dr.Fred Zimkorfsky of Free Talk Radio in 2013. He had requested this interview with me after having read my book. He recorded the interview, which is available on Sound Cloud . It makes for interesting listening as Dr. Fred expresses his interest in my thoughts and asks relevant questions related to my theory.

The book is available at Amazon Author Page

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