Gin Cocktail – No 4 – Woman’s touch

Gin and tonic with L-Gin Lush gin with strawberries and turkish delight for woman's day

To mark Woman’s Day, here is a gin created by a Wonder Women trio, Sue Harper, Isabel Huxter, and Ann Claughton. The three close friends from Elgin poured their passion for gin into creating L-Gin gin, which celebrates the fruit grown in their region.

L-Gin LUSH gin, one of their three varietals, is distilled with Granny Smith apples, juniper, and lemons – all grown in the Elgin Valley  ̶  and ginger, coriander and angelica root.

The three women battled for months to get the flavours right for LUSH, and fondly refer to it as their “problem child”.

Their hard work and determination paid off, resulting in a top-quality gin with zesty citrus flavours and crisp floral notes with a warm spicy finish.

The cocktail, L-Gin LUSH G&T, is a simple gin and tonic type cocktail with the added indulgence of Turkish delight, fresh strawberries, and a sprig of fennel.



25 ml L-Gin LUSH Gin

Indian tonic water

Small blocks of rose-flavoured Turkish delight

Sliced strawberry

Sprig of fennel


Fill a glass with ice.

Add the gin.

Add sliced strawberry.

Top up with Indian tonic water.

Add the Turkish delight and garnish with a sprig of fennel.

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