It stirred and It shone,
Never was it gone. 
I laughed and I cried, 
It remained by my side.

Quite unexpected, 
Completely unaffected,
It managed to hold
With compassion untold. 

Like dust to the fairies or potion to a wizard,
The magic it brought was stronger than a blizzard.
Steadfast and able, honest and true, 
Sincere in intention, so out of the blue. 

It pierces my heart, my senses go wild. 
I fall to my knees, my tears cannot hide. 
I’m finally accepted, despite all my trouble,
And still it is present, protecting my bubble.

I’m grateful, I’m humbled, 
Not sure what it might mean.
I think it’s an angel, 
Sent to me through my screen. 

I took up the challenge from Vaughan Jones, a SAFREAN colleague, to try a poem. This was it! Thank you to Vaughan for his constructive input and support. I enjoyed the exercise.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Safrea or its members.


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  1. If this is your first, it’s a successful exercise. Nicely done.
    When you discover if it was an angle or something else, please let us all know.

      1. I meant angle. Think about that. You have to have and know the ethical angle before an Angel might find you.

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