Imaginings and Illusions Kept in the Deep

Expressing one’s thoughts poetically is not too complicated, especially once one has the form and the basic construct settled, then one can apply these to one’s story or message.

A few years ago, I responded to a challenge to write a poem in the Gwawdodyn form, which originated centuries ago in Wales. Gwawdodyn is pronounced Gwow-Dod-In. The challenge was to write the poem to the theme ‘Kept in the Deep’.

The Gwawdodyn form comprises quatrains (four-line stanzas) with lines 1, 2 and 4 all containing 9 syllables and rhyming with each other. The third line contains 10 syllables with an internal rhyme that is different from the other three lines.

I responded to the challenge with only one stanza, the first stanza below, since which I have added the second and third stanzas to produce the complete poem.

   Imaginings and Illusions Kept in the Deep
 Fleeting figures appear in your sleep,
 False illusions and dreads from the deep,
 Recalled fears while dreads echo in your ears,
 Failures and remorse in mind you keep.
 Memories of actual events,
 Imaginary scenes the mind torments,
 Held very deep and disturbing your sleep,
 The mind in turmoil finally relents.
 Bring these illusions out from the deep,
 Forgive and forget the trash you keep,
 Face the facts, and as your mind retracts
 From illusions, your peace you must reap.  

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  1. I have always struggled with pronouncing Welsh names. Thank you for helping me out. The poem speaks to all of us, I’m sure.

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