SAFREA launches new independent online publication


9 September 2020

Vital in the age of the influencer

A new online publication, the SAFREA Chronicle, was recently launched by the Southern African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA). The intention of this publication is to showcase the work of freelance media professionals while adding a new platform for voices in the media space.

“The closure of so many newspapers and magazines over the last few years has been very worrying,” said SAFREA executive member and Chronicle editor Niki Moore. “Not only does it mean a loss of income for so many talented and experienced media professionals, but it also closes down the variety of outlets for their work. Our media space has become too narrow. There are no longer enough platforms for all the different voices in our very diverse society.”

Showcasing professional work

The Chronicle is an opt-in e-mailed newsletter, issued on Mondays to a base of subscribers. It is backed by a searchable website. The content is generated by SAFREA members, in their various fields of expertise. The publication is a work-in-progress, changing constantly in response to reader feedback.

“Our freelancers are an extremely eclectic bunch,” said Moore. “They work in a huge variety of fields and have different levels of experience and expertise. Therefore the newsletter is meant to showcase their work and present all their differing professional and personal points of view.”

Growing professionally with media incubator

“It is also a place for our members to try out new things and grow professionally – a sort of media incubator. Our members have created a network of mentoring and support for each other, a virtual newsroom, where we can hone our talents and improve our skills.”

A vehicle for potential influencers

Because of the proliferation of social media, false news, information overload and celebrity culture, consumers are changing the way they get their news.

“Instead of reading newspapers and magazines, people are now following trusted commentators and information curators,” continued Moore. “This is the age of the influencer. So the Chronicle is also a vehicle for potential influencers to get their work out to an audience and create a brand for themselves. And so, with the range of interests within SAFREA, the Chronicle will be eclectic and different. There is room for opinion, information,

multi-media, news, press releases, announcements, satire, images – you name it. With the Chronicle, we hope to entertain, inform, edify, educate and amuse.”

Subscription to the newsletter can be found on the Chronicle website: Freelance media professionals who wish to join SAFREA can send an application to

More about SAFREA

SAFREA is a non-profit membership organisation that aims to promote the interests of freelance media and communications professionals in the published written, visual, information technology, broadcast and creative media spheres, and which aspires to be the freelance organisation of choice in these industries.


Contact person:

Lize Hayward


Mobile: 082-824-5142

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Safrea or its members.


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