The Idiomatic State of the World – In a Figure of Speech

The world population shaken clean,
WHO cries wolf with Covid Nineteen.
Mission impossible to heal, they cry,
If ever to reach the pie in the sky.
Healing a virus with a comical twist
Straight from the horse’s mouth the gist.
Trump drops the WHO like a hot potato,
Tells Gates the ball is in your court - bro.
Are we barking up the wrong tree,
Or beating around the bush are we
Going the whole nine yards for sure,
Cutting corners in search of a cure?

When I was thinking about writing a poem for a publication in view, I wondered if I could conjure up a light rhyming piece that explained the world’s current gloomy state with the use of a few idioms.

Well, this poem, in Rhyming Free Form, is the result. I invite writers and beginners to have a go at writing such a poem, no matter what form, no matter how long or how short. Send them to me at my email address,, and I will review and report back. I will publish the top three in this chronicle in time to come.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Safrea or its members.


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