This Beautiful Life Gone Wrong

Caged and programmed - Real Life?

Following on from last week’s poem, I raked another one out from my archives. This poem covers the reality of the utter nullification of what began as a beautiful life here on planet earth for me and for many of us. It is so strange how life changes, values change, even religions change over a lifetime.

I recall listening to the radio broadcast of the first moon landing with my grandparents in 1969. They were absolutely appalled, vehemently stating that this was evil, humans meddling with the holy matters of God and the heavens. My Grandmother added jokingly that humans will be living on Mars in time to come. How right she was; unknowingly.

 This Beautiful Life Gone Wrong - By Vaughan Jones
 How will life be one day when you’re old?
 Many stories of your life untold,
 Memories of joy and others of grief,
 And heartaches suffered beyond belief.
 Great ideas and plans you have conceived
 And deep truths of life you have perceived.
 Many great plans turned out to be dashed.
 But you bravely pressed on unabashed.
 How will life be one day when you’re old?
 Warm and cozy, or feeling ice cold?
 With thoughts of your life as in your youth,
 Simple life really, nothing uncouth.
 People will live on Mars fairly soon,
 Earth’s life controlled and run from the moon.
 Children sleeping and starved on the street,
 The old and sickly left in defeat.
 Soon you’ll find soulless, spiritless life,
 Cloned in a lab, their breeding is rife,
 Performing the most ungodly deeds,
 Blood, pain and gore their lustful heart feeds.
 World powers, rulers they have designed,
 Used for war, to fearless pain resigned.
 Horrors such as your heart can’t believe,
 Extremes that your mind cannot conceive.
 You recall a saying you once heard,
 Repeatedly, on and on it purred,
 Seemingly making no sense at first,
 You believe that all life must be cursed.
 Until you realize the truth it reveals
 A shocking realization, your mind reels,
 It simply says, "Oh yes, life goes on,
 long after the thrill of living is gone"1.
 That’s just it, beautiful life gone wrong.

1. An extract from the lyrics of a very good song, ‘Jack and Diane’, by John Cougar Mellenkamp. 


Please let me know about your thoughts in this regard, perhaps add some of your poetry. Creative writing is fun. Come on, let’s do it.

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