About the MediaHub and the Chronicle

The Safrea MediaHub is an independent online media platform, with a subscriber-based newsletter, that was established in order to showcase and promote the members of the Southern African Freelancer’s Association, and to add value to their professional competencies. The content is created and/or curated by members of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association. It encompasses all media content: copy; visual, and sound.

The website has an associated newsletter, called the Chronicle, an opt-in e-mail newsletter that distributes the latest work.

The newsletter and the website are intended to be a publication platform for Safreans; a shop window for their work; a testing ground for new ideas; a portal for the reader to find content they might not find anywhere else; a mentoring project for newcomers; and a focus on more unusual and less-accessible media. It adds value to the work of any Safrean.

There are creators, there are columns, there are opinions, there is multi-media, and they will cover as broad a range of topics, subjects, formats and media types as possible.

We hope to entertain, inform, edify, educate, and amuse.

  • Any views and opinions expressed in the Chronicle are solely the responsibility of the person themselves in their personal capacity, and in no way do they necessarily reflect the views of Safrea, or the views of any members of Safrea.

Safrea is a non-profit membership organisation that aims to promote the interests of freelance media and communications professionals in the published written, visual, information technology, broadcast and creative media spheres, and which aspires to be the freelance organisation of choice in these industries.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Safrea or its members.


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