Write On – Right On

Creative writing is rewarding and it can even be classed as therapeutic, as are most forms of artistic expression. And, as is common to most art forms, the lack of motivation and inspiration leaves the artist stone cold, like writer’s block.

So when one feels the urge to write, it is best to do so without hesitation; obeying the urge.

  Write On – Right On - By Vaughan Jones.
 The urge to write pushes one on
 To delve deeply into one’s soul
 Drawing from that deep inner core
 Gems of life and love’s emotions
 Oh, to transform deep memories
 Into a structured written form
 Brief yet meaningful and alive
 Finding right words, useful rhyme.
 Verbal expression is the goal
 Lyrical overtones spring forth
 Birthing a new understanding
 The writer obeys this old urge. 


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