Miscarriages are heavy losses too

Until you’ve suffered a miscarriage, you would never guess the sensitivities it entails. Although some people do not view it as a real loss, it is a dagger through the heart of a mom who would have started toying with names, started shopping for clothes, as well as begun seeing and feeling changes within her body; changes brought about by the new life she would preparing to bring into the world. To have that life snuffed of, even without having held the baby in your arms, is a bitter pill to swallow.

High Flying?

Rob Gearing Lotus crash

A tiny misjudgement resulted in a spectacular accident during a Lotus Challenge race at Phakisa Freeway. Luckily everyone involved walked away although the same cannot be said for their cars.

Sensory to Extrasensory Perception – By Vaughan Jones

Using my senses and meditating,
I transform into a spiritual state,
Sitting on a rock at the riverside.
There in calm and faithfulness I abide,
Remaining still, ever contemplating,
Earth energies rising through my body.

From Magersfontein to Matjiesfontein

It might seem curious that a high-ranking Scottish soldier who fell in battle at Magersfontein near Kimberley during the South African War should be buried 700 kilometres away at Matjiesfontein. Perhaps it was a matter of honour for a fellow Scot, the owner of the tiny Karoo village. For the other fallen, a poignant memorial was erected on the battlefield. This brings to mind what Benjamin Franklin once said: There never was a good war, or a bad peace.