Sensory to Extrasensory Perception – By Vaughan Jones

Using my senses and meditating,
I transform into a spiritual state,
Sitting on a rock at the riverside.
There in calm and faithfulness I abide,
Remaining still, ever contemplating,
Earth energies rising through my body.

I listen to birds chirping happily,
I hear the fresh water running freely,
I see the beauty that surrounds me,
I feel the cool breeze touching my face,
I smell the freshness of the foliage,
I taste the fresh cool crystal-clear water.

Lifting my arms outward, hands turned up,
Setting the trusted time-frame in my mind,
I center my thoughts and my energies.
Bringing my hands together as in prayer
I inhale deeply, exhaling slowly,
Using Prana to enter the Alpha state.

Peace and tranquillity flows over me,
I wallow in this great feeling of calm.
My body asleep and my mind alert,
I drift deeper into the Theta state.
Oblivious of all of this life’s troubles
Healing takes place in body and soul.

As my time approaches finality,
I open my physical sense again.
Experiencing the beauty again,
Feeling invigorated, healed, new,
Ready to return to the crazy world,
Free to cope with life’s stresses again.

Pure Bliss.

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