High Flying?

Rob Gearing Lotus crash

Generally motorsport photography involves capturing images that will supplement the stories being told by reporters but, every now and then, a photo, or series of photos, will become the story.

In the early stages of a Lotus Challenge race at Phakisa Freeway, just outside Welkom, Rob Gearing went slightly wide through one of the fastest corners on the circuit. His rear wheel touched the grass, turning his car sideways. He then came back across the track, making contact with Jeff Gable and then flying through the air before coming to a halt in a smoking wreck. Luckily, both Rob and Jeff emerged unscathed.

Jeff Gable talks about his crash with Rob Gearing

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  1. Hectic stuff and amazing footage. One could say that it’s the sort of event that plays out daily on South Africa’s public road network that so many drivers treat as racing circuits. I’m relieved no one was badly hurt in this incident.

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