Our experience with pancreatitis and personal treatment tips

By Delilah Nosworthy
Pancreatitis is a serious illness in dogs and it often takes pet owners by surprise. Its onset can be sudden and many times pet owners assume that the fact that their family dog doesn’t want to eat or drink and is throwing up may be a passing thing. It could be, but it could also be life-threatening pancreatitis. If that’s the case, you need to act fast.

One Universal Energy

This poem arose from a great deal of thought and meditation on the belief that all matter and everyone is merely made of energy. The basest form of energy being the atom and its subatomic particles, which have no mass nor take up any space. I decided to use the Common Meter form for this […]


By watching closely where one steps, an enhanced perspective of nature comes into play. This allows one to notice the tiniest of flowers, delicate fungi, spider webs… and to become aware of birdsong and the perfume of nature.

Furry Feral Frenemy

I have always been a dog lover, and had never really loved cats. A black feral cat, however, found me and touched my life in a way I never thought a cat would. Adopting a pet carries a lot of responsibility. It’s a far cry from getting a stuffed animal, which I assumed it would be like. If anything, it’s like getting an extra child in the house.

The Real Pandemic is . . . Arseholes

Pandemic arseholes

What is the real pandemic.? A little virus? Vaccine shortages?. Nopes. The real pandemic is . . . arseholes … read and tell me if you agree.

Brand Audit – Say what?

A Brand Audit is literally like putting your brand, in it’s entirety, under the microscope and assessing it’s strengths, weaknesses and/or inconsistencies. In my opinion it’s an invaluable exercise.

Chillies – how do you like them?

I use only red chillies. Fresh or dried, chopped up fine, finely ground or sliced as garnish. Deseeded to remove some of the heat, or seeds all in. There are so many ways with chillies. Tiny hot chillies or the larger less spicy, more favourful ones. Not to forget the mounds of powdered heat available […]