One Universal Energy

This poem arose from a great deal of thought and meditation on the belief that all matter and everyone is merely made of energy. The basest form of energy being the atom and its subatomic particles, which have no mass nor take up any space.

I decided to use the Common Meter form for this poem, which is used frequently in ballads and hymns and it consists of quatrains that alternate between iambic tetrameter (eight syllables consisting of four iambs) and iambic trimeter (six syllables made up of three iambs). Emily Dickinson often used Common Meter, and it is also the meter used in the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

 One Universal Energy
 Atoms swirl in spherical shape,
 all cycles within rings.
 Energy throughout, no escape,
 universal life sings.
 Mother Earth, forever in flight,
 with her moon close at hand,
 orbits her sun, her cosmic kite,
 an annual route as planned.
 All the microcosmic life forms 
 Live in our Universe,
 One to all life adorns,
 A splendor to immerse. 

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