Gin Cocktail No 5 – Pink Spring with Floral Gin

As the weather starts to warm up and we head into summer, how about this floral delight from Ginologist. Ginologist is manufactured by Craft Link Distillery, a specialist spirits manufacturer in the heart of Johannesburg.

Ginologist floral gin has “an aromatic bouquet accentuated by rose geranium and orange blossom so soft and playful that it comes with a license to thrill.”

Pink Spring with Floral Gin


25ml Ginologist Floral Gin

100ml pink lemonade

Rose petals

Fresh tarragon

Soda water



Pour the gin, lemonade, and rose petals into a stemless wine glass.

Fill glass with ice.

Stir well.

Top up with soda water and garnish with tarragon.

[Optional] Add 15ml simple strawberry syrup before adding soda water.

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