Got the shot? Had the jab? Anti-vaxx! Vaccinate!!


Words are important

To vaccinate is important. How we use words is important. We are dealing with the vitally important matter of vaccinating against a very real and dangerous killer virus. Social media is flooded with pictures of people boasting about having “got the shot”. Or those proclaiming proudly that “I had my second jab”. It all seems like fun and, importantly, it might even motivate some people who are vacillating, to decide to get vaccinated against the Covid virus. Mostly that is the end of that.

Anti-vaxxers are vocal

Anti-vaxx poster
Some anti-vaxers have humour

Anti-vaxxers on the other hand are vociferous. The statement, and the use of the double XX, sounds more powerful than the shot and jab. Notwithstanding the plethora of science, they sprout emotionally unscientific rubbish. Is this a confirmation of the cliché that “Empty vessels make the most noise”? Anti-vaxxers protest around the world. Not unlike extremists and terrorist groups, it might seem.

Micro chips and animal medication nonesense

The notion of micro-chips in the vaccine is so preposterous that it might warrant admission to a psychiatric hospital. I love the recent Bill Gates meme of “Putting the micro-chip in a medicine for parasites in horses was a stroke of genius.” Generally, the anti-vaxxers are the same people who are ingesting that animal medication. It might be true that no one has died from this. An unexpected consequence is that legitimate sales have skyrocketed (making the pharmaceutical companies richer) and the black-market criminals are making a killing.

Weak language isn’t fun – It could kill

Why do those who are right and are vaccinated use such weak language? Fun is not the objective. Big smiles don’t help. Being vaccinated is important, and if you have been vaccinated then proclaim so loudly and proudly. Using words like “shot” and “jab” simply demeans the process and leaves the door open for those silly ANTI-VAXXERS with the stronger sounding statement to be better heard.

Those against the vaccination cite freedom of choice as their right. Yes, it is – but – the community has an equal right to be protected and have good health. There are more pro-vaccination people which makes our rights stronger.

Vaccine passports? I want mine

Vaccine passport
Proposed vaccine passport

Last night (Sunday 12 September 2021) the President avoided announcing that the cabinet might make vaccinations compulsory, but he did talk about a Vaccination Passport. I agree with that sentiment. Those who, against all good science, resist being vaccinated endanger the lives of others at any gatherings. Churches, funerals, restaurants, flights etcetera should all be barred to those anti-vaxxers.

And now?

What can we conclude? Without any shadow of a doubt, it is both essential and intelligent to vaccinate against Covid-19. Will we overcome the problem? Yes – as soon as the anti-vaxxers see the light and the truth and are vaccinated – or die. Either way, we pro-vaccination promoters, win. Hopefully soon so that our health workers can rest. So that our economy can return to great health. So that those who can and those who must, are permitted to travel freely internationally. So that those who consider face-lifts and boob jobs as essential surgery, can proceed with their fantasies.

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