New Year, fireworks and Arseholes

Arseholes frighten animals
Don’t Kill me

Where it began

Arseholes appear in great numbers. New Year’s eve and into New Year’s Day was like the proverbial “war zone”. Insanely loud explosions reigned around us for what was probably one hour but must have felt like five hours to animals. All animals. Domestic, domesticated and wild. All animals. Including birds. All animals except for the human “animals” who ignite these explosions.

What we found

Our early morning walk was horrific. Three dead tiny kittens in our road. Probably ferals which raced, distressed, from their nest when the mother fled in fear in a different direction. There was also a dead Plover. Tragic beyond words. Not far away eight rescue horses broke out of their paddock in panic and ran in a wild frenzy along the tar roads until they dropped from exhaustion. I understand that one horse died.

What I concluded

I posted on a group that “People who ignite loud explosive fireworks are arseholes”. One person reacted by asserting that I was insulting everyone – as if he was the spokesperson for, and knew everyone’s opinion on this matter, in the group. He is wrong because there are many who support the position against loud, noisy explosions from fireworks. fireworks. Another claimed, quite probably because of a guilty conscience, that my comments “targeted religious bodies/culture” and that I should not “generalise that an entire culture is wrong”. This by a man whose statements are not only patently false but who does not disclose his full name and hides behind a nom de plume. Not only an arsehole, but a coward to boot.

They expected me to apologise?

I ventured into my trusted dictionary which, apart from the obvious definition for Arsehole as 1. the anus, it shows 2. a stupid, irritating, or contemptible person.

I will write to the compilers of the dictionary and ask why they inserted the conjunction “or” into that definition. I opine that people who ignite loud banging explosive fireworks which frighten animals and have the potential to kill animals are stupid, irritating AND contemptible. They are clearly, as defined in the dictionary – – ARSEHOLES.

Perhaps I’ll expand on this subject next week and what actions I might take.

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  1. Thanks for writing this article, Peter. I couldn’t agree more. Every year I block my diary on 5 November, 31 December, and 1 January to ensure that I’m home to calm my pet/s when some stupid humans start letting off their explosives. I cannot fathom how some people find such enjoyment in something which causes so much bewilderment, fear, and pain in animals. My faith in humanity gets chipped away every time I witness people recklessly setting off their fireworks without any consideration to the animals close by. How can that possibly be FUN?

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