Social media is not about content

Michael Wood an accomplished, results-driven marketing executive with >25 years’ c-level experience shares his insights about the importance of effective social media campaigns using the right channels to ultimately increase conversion rates. Read on to see what he has to say about the presence of your target market on the channels you select.

Social media is not about content
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Few businesses haven’t begun to harness the dynamic capabilities of social media marketing. Research shows us that by using social media only 6 hours a week, 66% of marketers enjoy improved lead generation. An effectively executed social media campaign can improve search rankings, drive more website traffic, and increase conversion rates. Nothing new here.

With plenty of options, how do you implement an effective social media strategy when you don’t know which channels to choose?

There are numerous so-called simple step-by-step processes you can follow to help you select your social channels. These processes typically comprise a series of questions regarding your social media strategy objectives, positioning, content, available channels, and the channels that your competitors are using. The most pertinent question, and answer, that provides the basis for all other social media campaign mechanics, is quite simple.

Which channels are your target audience using?

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The most focused and effective social media campaigns are informed by target market demographics, firmographics, and technographics. These data-driven insights will ensure that the channels you choose facilitate the most relevant, targeted approach possible, which will drive increased conversion. Effectiveness is primarily about the right channels. Objectives, positioning, and content are only relevant if your target market personas are appreciably present on the channels you select.

How do you determine which channels your target audience are using?

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Simply put, you short-list the three to four possible channels. You can look at which channels your competitors are using, but I would not do this first as they could be wrong. Connect and engage on these channels and it will relatively quickly be clear whether your target accounts and personas are appreciably present. Whilst your content will be informed by your value proposition and demand generation objectives, your channel selection will inform the mechanics, frequency, cost, and timelines.

Even the best content, posted often, is useless if your target market doesn’t see it.

Authored by Michael Wood (not a SAFREA member)

Michael is an accomplished, results-driven marketing executive with >25 years’ c-level experience including owning an agency for 15 years. Michael has deep B2B experience in communication, positioning, content, branding, and strategy across several verticals. This insight, and a balanced and foundational post-graduate education complement, allows Michael to add value through campaign design, and strong messaging across multiple mediums. Simply put, he tells the right stories, to the right people, using the appropriate channels, at the right time. Michael has a keen interest in the convergence of technology.

Proofread and copyedited by Delilah Nosworthy (SAFREA member)

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